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SWEPS Looking into Sportspark Connector

The Fall River, Waverley and Windsor Junction Area is fortunate to have the McDonald Sports Park in its backyard. Most residents have to drive to enjoy its beauty.

A cyclist uses the present makeshift trail.

SWEPS is leading the change via a Sports Park Connector.

On October, 7, 2017 members of the SWEPS Committee were joined by WSP for a site survey of proposed Sports Park Connectors.

The survey invloved looking at obstacles, land ownership,  and environmental concerns. Two proposed routes are based on existing trails which have been used by the local residents for years.

Getting under the 102 highway or over the tracks is one of the challenges SWEPS faces in the design of the trail.

Map showing proposed sportspark connectors


The First Trail  looked at begins at the end of Ingram Drive. It travels straight to the 102 Overpass then makes a sharp left turn before the CN tracks. It travels under the pass then heads straight along the the 102 until you join up with Big Paul’s Loop in McDonald Park.



The Second Trail  begins at the end of Lake Thomas Drive. It currently travels through a forest trail (marked by white reflectors) to the bridge where Lake Thomas flows under the 102. A boardwalk under the bridge leads you into McDonald Park.




Local residents are already using the trails including retired MP Peter Stoffer who was briefed on the proposed trail during the survey. All seemed very interested in the project. For more information SWEPS meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 6pm at the Gordon Snow Community Centre.

Bob Guscott and Micheal Creighton brief Former MP Peter Stoffer on the possible route for the Sports Park Connector.

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