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NSLC Adopt-A-Stream: Bennery Brook Restoration

In the past, Bennery Brook was known as a good fishing spot for Atlantic Salmon, and may still be spawning ground for Gaspereaux. Over the years, Salmon numbers have decrease to the point that this fish species no longer exists in this brook. A recent study (2011) assessing stream conditions of Bennery Brook and related waterways was conducted for an undergraduate research project, which identified the water quality of this river sufficient for salmonid species (Brook Trout specifically). However, temperatures during July and August were on the higher end and conductivity levels were high (usually around 200 mS/cm) in the lower areas of the watershed.

During the research project, SWEPS was informed that a few Brook Trout were caught in Bennery Brook, as well as White Suckers, an American Eel and some other small, unidentified fish were observed. It is the intent of this NSLC Adopt-A-Stream project to help improve the physical habitat quality of this brook of interest in order to increase the variety and/or population size of fish species.

The stream restoration will include: the installation of digger logs and in-stream deflectors in order to establish meanders and increase riffle pools, rip rap or vegetation will be used to help stabilize eroding river banks and decrease sedimentation, working with local farmers to install fencing or culverts of incoming streams or creeks, and removing any barriers that may be preventing fish passage.

Get Involved! Contact our summer team and see how you can help !

Emma Garden, a member of SWEPS completed a research project on Bennery Brook in the Shubenacadie Watershed. Below you can find short vidoes of normal flow conditions and after a high rainfall. Also below is Ms. Garden’s thesis report “Assessment of Stream Condition for the Management and Improvement of Bennery Brook, Enfield, Nova Scotia,” 2011.

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