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Sheffield Mills Eagle Watch

From December to February Sheffield Mills, outside of Canning, becomes a great sightseeing destination for those who enjoy eagles. Residents of the Community have turned the last two weekends in January into an ever growing event. Along with the population of eagles, the watch now features other events such as pancake breakfasts, and musical entertainment.

Many Bald Eagles as well as other birds of prey frequent the area largely due to chicken farmers leaving meals for them in some of the surrounding fields. More than 500 eagles have been counted in recent years during the Eagle Watch and it is not unusual to have a tree with more than 30 birds perched in it.

The event has grown in popularity over the years, and now reportedly brings in over 1000 visitors to watch the soaring eagles. There are even tours from Halifax which bring bus loads of people from the city to see this and other Annapolis Valley attractions.

The Sheffield Mills Community Hall is the main location for the events and information about the watch and eagles in general. The address is 98 Black Hole Road.

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